Tuning - Rebuilding - Regulation - Repairs     

It's attention to detail that counts!

Antique/Ancient, (really olde), pianos have been my specialty for most of my career. Square Grands, "Bird-Cage" Uprights, Modern Grands and Uprights are what I do on a daily basis.

Evaluations, Estimates, Appraisals and Consultations for all piano owners.

Pre-purchase Consultations available at no charge if via phone or email

I have a full service Shop that is the envy of most.

Trouble shooting and mechanism re-engineering available.

Excellent inventory of parts on hand.

Environmental and Mobility issues assessed and resolved.

All work guaranteed unless otherwise noted and agreed upon.

Cash and Checks only. Installment plans available.


Piano Tuning

Tuning your piano for that perfect sound
  • Antique Piano Tuning
  • Grand Piano Tuning 
  • European Piano Tuning
Piano Optimization 
Optimizing a piano helps to maximize the performance of your piano.

  • Maximum playability
  • Optimize to Fit the players needs

Piano Repair
Assisting your piano to play like new

  • Full Piano Repair
  • Piano Restoration
  •  Piano Remanufactoring

Area of Service

I live in Washington County, Oregon, but service the entire Pacific Northwest.

My general area ranges from the Oregon Coast to Central Oregon.

Because I have expertise in Ancient instruments I am willing to travel wherever that need is.

I have been called to Alaska, (my birthplace), California, Idaho, Washington and British Columbia, to service the ancient pianos. 

As my Tuning Mentor said:

"You crack the whip and I'll make the trip". 

Installation of Dampp-Chaser Products

Insure your piano's tuning by maintaining a constant temperature and humidity.
  • Custom made Action Parts available.
  • Custom Tool design and manufacturing for the trade.
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