Piano Tuning

Piano Tuning 

 Piano Tuning

What To Expect

Piano Tuning is the process of Tuning each note of the piano to be in harmony with all other notes. Pianos needs to be routinely maintained to keep there value and quality. 

Routine Tuning should be done every 6-12 months to maintain the intonation and sound. Because I believe in quality work I want to communicate with my clients so that I can ensure the piano is functioning to is capabilities and expectations. I strive to understand the wants, needs and limitations of the instruments i service. In my first visit I will tune the piano and assess further needs of the piano.

Pricing Quotes can be provided upon request.

Pricing is personal to the piano being tuned. My goal is not to just tune your piano but to tune it to a point where the piano will sing. I am very affordable and very competitive in the market. 

When you call for a price please be prepared for the following questions:

  1. What kind of piano do you have?
  2. How are you using the piano?
  3. Do you have Children taking lessons?
  4. Does the piano have any issues?
  5. When was the last piano service?
  6. Where is the paino located?
  7. Is it next to any heat sources?

(503) 357-4713

Types of Pianos I Tune: Registered Piano Tuner

  • Grand piano 5-6 foot
  • English Bird cage: (Overdamper) Pianos
  • Square Grands
  • 9 Foot Grand
  • 7 Foot Grand
  • Parlor Grand
  • Yamaha CP-70 
  • Yamaha CP-80
  • Fender- Rhodes
I can tune and do minor adjustments and service to player pianos: Larry Fisher RPT, Dennis Wilkinson RPT, these are the only player piano Technicians I recommend.
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