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Antique Piano Tuning and Service

Antique/Ancient, (really old), pianos have been my specialty for most of my career. Square Grands, "Bird-Cage" Uprights,

I am one of only 3 Piano tuners on the West Coast that will work on Antique Square Grand Pianos with the proper knowledge and skill.

  • Chickering Piano repair and rebuilding
  • Steinway Piano Repair
  • Steinway Piano Rebuilding
  • English Bird Cage Pianos
  • 1895-Modern Era German upright pianos
  • Square Grand Pianos
  • Pre-turn of the century European pianos

Lots of these pianos you cannot get parts for so they provide most people with little to no options. With my service I provide you with two alternatives. I can custom make a new part, I  am one of the only technicians in the world that makes custom piano parts. The other options is that I can take a modern part and modify or retrofit it to the older piano. 

I specialize in the antique pianos because i am one of the few that will do the craftsmanship and woodworking on the pianos to rebuild them back to modern quality with the original sound in mind. Back in the old days workers had pride in their craftsmanship. I like to believe that I keep that mission in mind on my work. 

These are extremely high quality pianos that are examples of the best craftsmanship. To work on these pianos you need to have a finite level of quality and care to work on these.

  • Bechstein Piano
  • Schimmel Piano
  • Grotrian Pianos
  • Pleyel Pianos
  • Fazioli Pianos

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1866 Emerson Square Grand Piano
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